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Alice Arm - Kitsault
Alice Arm and Kitsault are located in the north-west corner of British Columbia 116 km (72 miles) from Hazelton near the tip of the Alaska Panhandle.

Silver Mining Town
Alice Arm was a booming silver mining town during the 1920's and 30's. When the price for silver crashed, the mine at Alice Arm eventually had to close down.

Cranberry Junction
To get here you take Hwy 16 west of Prince George and travel eventually to the Hwy 37 junction at Kitwanga and turn north towards Kitwancool. You now have to travel another 73 km (45 miles) to a forest service road at Cranberry Junction. Take the recommended four-wheel drive road towards New Aiyansh.

After you travel for around 30 minutes you will come to a junction with another road going to the north. This is the restricted road to the private townsite of Kitsault. The road is usually closed from mid October to May. Alice Arm sits on the other side of the bay from Kitsault.

Molybdenum Mining Town
Kitsault was a molybdenum mining town which was built during the 1970's and later abandoned in 1980. The molybdenum mine was a strong producer between 1967 and 1972 with considerable reserves left at closure. Kitsault was virtually new with everything from curbed roads, school, houses, hospital and swimming pool all coming to a halt.

BC Hydro Electricians
The town of Kitsault was fenced off with a resident caretaker that looked after the area all through the 1990's. Virtually the only activity in the area was the sound of the snow plow and the odd BC Hydro electrician from Terrace servicing the equipment in the Kitsault substation.

Kitsault since 2005 has been taken over by new private ownership that purchased the complete town in a famous BC real estate deal. The real estate deal which was advertised worldwide for seven million dollars created a lot of attention for NIHO the agent who handled the property. Eventually Kitsault Resort Ltd bought the property with the intent of creating an LNG plant, refinery and export terminal.

Quiet Inlet
Alice Arm is very popular with boaters during the summertime coming from Prince Rupert. You need a small boat to get access around the dock area in Alice Arm. Expect to find a very quiet inlet with the odd resident on his/her boat relaxing during the summer season.

Present Day Gold Rush
If you are planning a trip on the Cranberry Road during the late summer and early fall, just remember it is pine mushroom season. These mushrooms are used for ceremonial purposes in Japan at some times and are priced like gold. During the picking season, the Cranberry Region can resemble a 'shanty town' from the gold rush era of the 1800's.

Swan Lake/Kispiox River Park
For people who really enjoy wilderness camping, canoeing/kayaking and seeing untouched nature at hand, Swan Lake/Kispiox River Provincial Park is very close to the Cranberry Junction. When you are on Hwy 37, rather than turn towards New Aiyansh, turn east towards the Kispiox River. From here there is an access road into Swan Lake/Kispiox River Park.

Watch For the Unexpected
Just remember when you are on these roads to expect unplowed sections and the potential for lots of snow. Also watch for heavy equipment working, the odd delay and the possibility of animals on the roadway.

Nass Camp
If you need supplies and fuel a good place to check is at Nass Camp. There is a small camp set up here for forestry companies working in the area. Nass Camp also has a store where you can find small grocery items and a liquor outlet.

New Aiyansh
If you do make Nass Camp another spot to check out is New Aiyansh and the traditional home of the Nisga'a Nation. British Columbia's last volcanic reaction can be found here at the Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park.

Information on Alice Arm - Kitsault



Map of Alice Arm and Kitsault
click map for larger image


Turnoff for Kitsault
Turnoff for Kitsault



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