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Savary Island
Savary Island is located west of Lund just across the south end of Manson Passage. Savary Island is about 8 km (5 miles) long and averages around .8 km (.5 mile) wide.

Travelling Here
If you want to travel to Savary Island, you have to take either the water taxi from Lund, a floatplane or some other kind of a boat as the once open airstrip is now decommissioned .

Lund Water Taxi
Lund Water Taxi is the easiest way to go as it leaves the Lund public dock, located next to the historic Lund Hotel every day on a regular, year-round schedule. The operators are very friendly,full of good advice, safe and on schedule.

Summer Season
Lund Water Taxi also offers lots of extra sailings during the summer season starting July 1st right into the first few weeks of September. The water taxi ride to Savary Island government dock generally takes around 10-15 minutes depending upon weather and sea conditions. The water taxi normally leaves Lund on the hour and returns from Savary Island on the half-hour.

Real Estate Potential
As early as the 1900's, the real estate potential by speculators of Savary Island was at work. The island, although not very developed today, was completely sectioned off and tracked with 50-foot wide lots, of which many are still available. With this many lots there are trails and surveyed roads that crisscross Savary Island so it is really easy to check it out.

Vancouver Blvd.
For travelling the main route you want to take Vancouver Blvd. which takes a east-west direction across the island. There are privately owned vehicles on the island but no buses or taxi service.

Cycle the Island
A good way to commute for a very small fee is to bring you're cycle across on the water taxi. The island is full of fairly smooth roads to ride on. You can also rent bikes on Savary Island at Rigger's Pub Style Restaurant which is located up the hill from the government dock on Vancouver Blvd. Just remember there will be the odd large truck that you will encounter when cycling.

'Hawaii of the North'
Dubbed 'Hawaii of the North,'Savary Island has some of British Columbia's best beaches. Except for a small area on the south-east end at Green's (Mace) Point, Savary Island is completely encompassed with beach.

Distinct Emerald Colour
The beaches are generally very shallow with the water being a very distinct emerald colour against the sandy bottom. There are several private sections where shelters of driftwood have been erected providing protection from the sun and possible tenting sites.

Beach Access Points
To access most of the beaches you'll have to venture on some steep hills down fairly sharp sand banks. Most have stairways that have utilized the local driftwood for building materials. The access points are sometimes hard to find with most of the land being subdivided into private ownership and signs not present.

South Beach
One favourite and, some argue, the best beach is South Beach. This beach has a southern exposure facing Harwood Island and the First Nations settlement of Sliammon. There are a couple of roads and a steep trail that you have to take from the government dock to South Beach.

Getting to South Beach
To get to South Beach turn east from the government dock onto Malaspina Promenade. Turn onto Townley Walk and travel to the end of the road up a sharp hill. Look for the beach trail sign, leave you're bike at the top its easier, then walk down the steep trail to South Beach. The trip will take around 20 minutes to walk or a 10 minute bike ride to the top of the steep trail.

Good Signs Erected
Most of the roads are labeled with good signs erected so it is not become lost. If you would travel up to the north of island catch the early water-taxi and most of the island can be scene in a day

Ancient Dunes
There is a small section of land in the middle of Savary Island that has been protected from development called the Ancient Dunes. Held in trust by the Nature Trust of British Columbia, the Ancient Dunes area is 147 hectares (363 acres) in size. What you'll find at the Ancient Dunes is Western Canada's largest example of coastal forested dunes.

Savary Island Land Trust Society
With the potential for people arriving and building recreational homes, many concerns have been raised about future environmental damage. To help monitor and develop policies for Savary Island, the Savary Island Land Trust Society has been set up. Several areas along the beach have been identified as environmentally sensitive so please be careful to stay on the trails.

Savary Island Businesses
Generally, during the colder months of the year, Savary Island is pretty slow with not too many businesses open. But, once the weather warms up, you will find a few more shops and people open for business. Look for the local entrepreneurs found throughout the island. There is Savary Island General Store found next to Rigger's and a small bike repair kiosk.

Savary Island Contradiction
When you visit Savary Island you will notice one major contradiction especially on an island which is not connected to the BC Hydro electrical grid. Some people tend to live here year-round salvaging a living by building driftwood houses and living on a meager lifestyle full time. Then there are the other people who have built huge homes with all the newest off grid electrical equipment available but only visit for a short time.

Busy in the Summer
Expect to see more people during the summer season as Savary Island really livens up. A good word of advice is check for availability and reserve a spot on the Lund Water Taxi.

Barge Service
To get 4X4's, small SUV's, motorcycles, quads, trucks, boats and equipment over to Savary Island you can also arrange for barge service from Lund Water Taxi. Generally though, you can either mountain bike or walk on the gravel roads or path streets found throughout the island.

Local Expert
By far one of the best experts on Savary Island has to be Rick Thaddeus. Rick is one of the locals who happen to be one of many real estate agents dealing on Savary Island's properties. Besides helping people buy a piece of this paradise, Rick probably has the most information on Savary Island including maps on his Savary Island web site.

Heider Hennig
Unfortunately a couple of long standing businesses had to close down in 2008, 'At the Mint' and 'Savary Island Plazza.' With the passing of owner Heider Hennig a long time fixture of Savary Island a lot will be lost including his coffee shop, free map and all the good information about the history and areas to visit on Savary Island.

Information on Savary Island



Map of Hwy 101
click map for larger image


 Photo of  Lund Water Taxi
Lund Water Taxi


Photo of Lund Water Taxi
Lund Water Taxi


Photo  of the Beach Area at Goverment Dock
Beach Area at Government Dock


Near Duck Bay
Near Duck Bay


Enjoying 'Hawaii of the North'
Enjoying 'Hawaii of the North'


Photo of South Beach
South Beach


Sutherland Trail to Beach
Sutherland Trail to Beach


Boating at South Beach
Boating at South Beach


Rigger's Pub Style Restaurant
Rigger's Pub Style Restaurant


Off BC Hydro Electrical Grid
Off BC Hydro Electrical Grid


Barge Service to Savary Island
Barge Service


Photo of Heider Hennig
Heider Hennig

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