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 Home > Travel BC > BC Cities and Towns > Vancouver, Coast & Mountains > Britannia Beach

Britannia Beach
Britannia Beach is located 12 km (7.5 miles) south of Squamish and 33 km (21 miles) north of Horseshoe Bay on the 'Sea to Sky' Hwy 99.

Britannia Mine
Britannia Beach was first developed in the late 1800's with prospecting for the large copper deposits found in the area. Eventually the Britannia Mining and Smelting Company developed a mine in the early 1900's and mined up until 1959. The company unfortunately had to liquidate because of low copper prices and world demand at the time.

Anaconda Copper Mining Company
The demand for copper came back in the early 1960's and, in 1963, the Anaconda Copper Mining Company revived the mine bringing it back into production. The Anaconda Copper Mining Company existed up until 1974 but because of environmental issues, taxes and high operating costs they had to close the Britannia mine forever.

Britannia Mine Museum
What is left of Anaconda Copper has been made into a display of mining history originally called the BC Museum of Mining now known as the Britannia Mine Museum. Situated just off Hwy 99 as you enter Britannia Beach from the south and Vancouver, the museum features the original mine building, some massive equipment plus excellent tours taking you back into BC's mining past.

Small Cafés and Curio Shops
Britannia Beach has some curio shops along the 'Sea to Sky' Hwy 99. For people who love crafts try visiting Earthly Crystal & Gifts Inc. where you can find BC jade and jewellery from local artists and next door Gold Trail Jewellers specializing in gold nuggets, amber and more.

Galileo Coffee Company
Also located on Hwy 99 towards the south end of Britannia Beach is the Galileo Coffee Company whose motto is 'Truth in Coffee.' Here you can find a café and roastery offering espresso, fresh baked goods and lunch.

Old Town Site
The original town site of Britannia Beach is situated more up the hill overlooking Howe Sound. Here you can find some old houses once the property of the mine that have lately been transformed into private ownership.

Furry Creek Golf Club
For golfers located just south of Britannia Beach on Hwy 99 is the Furry Creek Resort. Reclaimed from a gravel pit that stood here for years the Furry Creek Resort features water view properties along a very challenging golf course. Furry Creek Golf features some signature holes playing next to Howe Sound.

Porteau Cove Provincial Park
If you SCUBA dive there is an excellent diving area located very close to Britannia Beach at Porteau Cove Provincial Park. The park is situated right next to Howe Sound and the Sea to Sky Hwy 99, about 8.5 km south of Britannia Beach. For non-SCUBA divers you will also enjoy the walking pier and beautiful panoramic views of Howe Sound and the now - defunct pulp mill at Woodfibre.

Motorcycle Riding
One thing that has been popular in the hills behind Britannia Beach is trails, cross motorcycling and ATV riding by local enthusiasts. Various courses exist and trails exist both behind Britannia Beach and up Furry Creek to the south.

Utopia Lake Trail
There is also a 20 km (12.5 mile) round-trip hiking trail into Utopia Lake. Along the way you can find excellent viewpoints of the mountains and some nice views to the west of Howe Sound. The trip gains around 1,390 metres in elevation going into Utopia Lake.

Murrin Lake Provincial Park
If you are travelling on Hwy 99, there is a rest stop just north of Britannia Beach called Murrin Lake. Murrin Lake Provincial Park features swimming, a picnic area and a short walking trail around Murrin Lake or a longer, more strenuous hiking trail up into Petgill Lake.

Practise Safe Procedures
Just a reminder there are black bears, grizzly bears and cougars living in all of BC and the Britannia Beach area is no exception. Please practise proper bear and wildlife safe procedures when you are enjoying the beautiful countryside or hiking in the mountains. Also remember to be prepared for possible changes in the weather.

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Map of Britannia Beach
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Britannia Mine
Britannia Mine


BC Museum of Mining
BC Museum of Mining


Galileo Coffee Company
Galileo Coffee Company


Mining Truck
Mining Truck


Porteau Cove Provincial Park
Porteau Cove Provincial Park

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