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Coalmont is located 18.5 km north-west of Princeton and 8 km (5 miles) south of Tulameen on Coalmont Road.

Coalmont Road
Coalmont is a small, unincorporated community located in the Tulameen River Valley made up of a population of around one hundred people. Most of the community's heritage buildings sit on Coalmont Road with the historic Coalmont Hotel, being the most prominent and on Parrish Avenue the Coalmont General Store, now a private residence, and a couple of houses from the early 1900's.

Coalmont Hotel
If you have time for a visit, make sure to see the historic Coalmont Hotel for some refreshments and local hospitality. Once inside the hotel's pub, you can find a number of old photographs that depict mining life in Coalmont and the nearby ghost town of Blakeburn during the early 1900's.

Columbia Coal and Coke Company
Coalmont owes its beginning to coal first being discovered in the area in 1858 and the establishment of the town by Columbia Coal and Coke Company in 1910, later to become Coalmont Collieries in 1913. After WWI the company was headed up in 1917 by two executives from a Vancouver meat packing business, P. Burns & Co. - William John ("Blake") Wilson known by the workers as 'Warden Joe' - and Patrick Burns.

The two men then established another mine and townsite called Blakeburn located 8 km (5 miles) south-west of Coalmont. The two mines operated together with a 9,322 metres (30,585 feet) aerial tramway built for moving ore between Blakeburn and Coalmont. The Blakeburn Mine operated successfully with a well-established community spirit up until August 13, 1930, when there was a violent explosion in the No. 4 mine killing 45 miners, one of British Columbia's worst mining accidents.

Granite Creek
You can reach the old, now- abandoned ghost town of Blakeburn by taking Parrish Road through Coalmont then turning south to Bettes Avenue and then cross over the Tulameen River by bridge to Granite Creek Road. The road then travels through another ghost town of Granite Creek, 1 km (.6 mile) south of Coalmont then turns onto Blakeburn Road. Once at Blakeburn there is little left of the mining site or town except for some crumbling concrete foundations of the old steam plant plus some timbers decaying on the ground floor, intermixed with bushes.

Historic Cairns and Old Mining Equipment
Also situated on Coalmont Road towards Princeton are a number of historic cairns and memorials, old mining equipment and a couple of comical signs welcoming you to the small village. Here you can find the entrance, information kiosk and parking area for the Trans-Canada Trail (KVR).

Trans-Canada Trail (KVR)
The Trans-Canada Trail goes through Coalmont travelling north to Tulameen and south to Princeton using an old right-of-way once shared by the CPR's Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) and Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern (VV&E) Railway. In order to power their steam locomotives, The Kettle Valley Railway eventually became Coalmont's biggest and most important purchaser of coal, then the CPR changed to different suppliers from Vancouver Island in 1940, creating the demise of Coalmont Collieries.

Tulameen River
The Trans-Canada Trail route, part of the old KVR Princeton Subdivision, follows the Tulameen River and offers the user beautiful views going either way especially south past the Vermilion Bluffs. This section of the Trans-Canada Trail (KVR) is well-maintained and a pleasure to use thanks to the help of the Vermilion Trails Society. The Trans-Canada Trail (KVR) to the north of Coalmont takes you to the small community of Tulameen where there is a campground at Otter Lake Provincial Park.

Backcountry Adventure
There are a number of backcountry gravel roads that lead out of Coalmont with some taking you to various fishing lakes in the area. Some of the local favourites include going up high into where you can find 4x4 off-roading, fishing and hunting opportunities, especially at Lodestone Lake and Wells Lake situated at 1,590 metres (5,217 feet). These mile-high lakes contain some lovely rainbows and have some rustic campgrounds available.

Lodestone Snowmobile Trails
The Coalmont area also features great snowmobiling trails, especially in the Lodestone Snowmobile Trails. You can find access to the area about 1 km (6 miles) north-east of Blakeburn. Once on the trails there are some that go into Mount Jackson near Tulameen and Tanglewood Hill or Lodestone Lake Recreation Site in the south-west.

Forest Recreation Sites
For rustic campgrounds there are old Forest Recreation sites located at Granite Creek, Blakeburn plus, if you have a 4x4, at Lodestone Lake. Lodestone Lake FSR features a great staging area for either hiking or horseback riding the Hope Brigade Trail.

Information on Coalmont



Map of Coalmont
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Coalmont Hotel
Coalmont Hotel


Welcome to Coalmont
Welcome to Coalmont




Coalmont General Store
Coalmont General Store


Trans-Canada Trail (KVR)
Trans-Canada Trail at Coalmont


Tulameen River
Tulameen River


Granite City
Granite City



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