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Barriere is located 66 km (41 miles) north of Kamloops and 27 km (17 miles) south of Little Fort on the Yellowhead Hwy 5.

2003 Wildfire Season
Barriere is a friendly community that is rebounding from the devastating wildfire season of 2003 in British Columbia. Many homes, as well the major employer, Tolko Wood Mill in Louis Creek, were burned to the ground. Time has passed and thanks to all the generous support of government aid, volunteers and the people who donated, Barriere is returning to its proud past.

North Thompson River
Barriere is situated at the point where the Barriere River flows into the North Thompson River. This location in the North Thompson Region has provided Barriere the potential to develop agricultural, forestry and tourism industry from the local resources.

75 lakes within 40 km (25 miles)
Recreation around Barriere in includes fishing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, visiting guest ranches, horseback riding and exploring in all directions. With an estimated 75 lakes within 40 km (25 miles) of this community, you will never run out of areas to discover.

Visitor Services
The Barriere region offers for the visitor gas stations, cafes, grocery stores, services and accommodation for every preference and budget.

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo
If you enjoy the rodeo circuit, Barriere is also home to the Labour Day weekend North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo.

  • NTFFR - North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo

Chinook Cove Golf Course
For golfers there is the exceptional 9-hole course located at Chinook Cove Golf Course 2 km (1.25 mile) north of Barriere.

Snowmobiling around the Thompson-Nicola Regional District and especially around Barriere is emerging to be one of British Columbia's best areas. Excellent terrain, great snow conditions and never-ending discovery will make you think you're in snowmobiling heaven.

Harp Mountain
Some terrain you might want to experience is up Harp Mountain which is just north of North Barriere Lake by about 18 km (11 miles) on the Harper Creek Forestry Road.

Barriere Lakes
One area that you will find real nice is fishing up in the three Barriere Lakes. You take Barriere Lakes Road off Hwy 5, head east out of town up the Barriere River.

Haggard Creek
Barriere Lakes Road meets a three-way fork at approx. 19 km (12 miles) at Harper and Haggard Creeks. Go north on the Harper Creek Rd. for North Barriere Lake and then straight through for the largest East Barriere Lake and south on Haggard Creek for the smaller South Barrier Lake. If you like rustic campgrounds, there are some old BC Forest Service sites present at all three lakes.

Adams Lake
The Adams Lake area has always been a favourite for the people living in the Barriere area. This enormous lake is east of town and is reached by taking the Louis Creek road approx. 4 km (2.5 miles) south of Barriere. The approx. 30 km (19 miles) road in from Louis Creek follows Sinmax Creek to Skwaam Bay (Agate Bay) on Adams Lake.

Forest Recreation Sites
There are a few good FSR sites for you to stay at both north and south on Adams Lake. There is one at Skwaam Bay but a real favourite is to travel north for approx. 12 km (7.5 miles) to Sandy Point. Sandy Point is a larger site with full facilities featuring a sandy beach on the shores of Adams Lake.

'The Caribbean of the North'
When you travel in to Adams Lake from Louis Creek at around the 20 km (12.5 miles) mark keep your eye open for the Johnson Lake turnoff. The colour of this lake is very unique in that it has the allure of the Caribbean Ocean and is sometimes referred to as 'The Caribbean of the North.'

Johnson Lake Resort
You can also reach Johnson Lake from Adams Lake by taking the forest service road near the 6 km (3.75 miles) mark in between Skwaam Bay (Agate Bay) and Sandy Point. There is a small (three sites) FSR site at Johnson Lake but this fills up fast. If you would like to stay, try the full-service Johnson Lake Resort that has been in operation since 1952.

A Land of Discovery
The Barriere area has some many forest service roads that traverse the landscape taking you to different places of discovery. Consider picking up a good backroads map; this will assist you when venturing out on the land and finding new areas.

If you are going north or south on Hwy 5, consider taking the Blackpool backcountry road on the east side of the North Thompson towards Dunn Lake. You can either cross the North Thompson utilizing the ferry crossing at Little Fort or at Clearwater.

Bonaparte Lake
Barriere is also the gateway for entering into the Bonaparte Lake District located approx. 28 km (17 miles) to the west. One route into the east side of Bonaparte Lake is to take the road up Peterson Creek eventually passing Gorman Lake. You find this road just by the North Thompson River crossing at Barriere.

Information on Barriere



Road Map of Barriere
click map for larger image


North Thompson River at Barriere
North Thompson River at Barriere


North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo
North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo


Chinook Cove Golf Course
Chinook Cove Golf Course


Hwy 5 through Barriere
Hwy 5 through Barriere


2003 Wildfire
2003 Wildfire


Adams Lake
Adams Lake

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