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Kettle River Provincial Park
Located inside Kettle River Provincial Park, this swimming hole is located just north of Rock Creek on Hwy 33 by around 5 km (3 miles).

Small Sandy Beach
Access to the swimming hole is through the provincial park where you can find a parking lot readily available during the day. The west side beach area is located just beyond the parking lot by a short trail. Here you can find some picnic tables and a rock stairway down to a small sandy beach.

Kettle River Rail Bridge
Then, directly across from here situated on the east side of the Kettle River, you can find another small sandy beach. To get over to the east use the Kettle River Rail Bridge, an abandoned railway bridge dedicated for pedestrian and cycling use. The bridge is located just upstream and within view of the west beach

Deeper Pool
The beach on the east side of the Kettle River Rail Bridge generally is the best area to swim. The pool here is a lot deeper than the west beach side and the sand beach is a little bigger. There is also an area on either side of the bridge where you'll find the underwater swimming in the river current very exhilarating.

Very Kid-Friendly
The rapids and current found near the beaches doesn't seem to be as strong as some other BC rivers during the summer time This makes the Kettle River Provincial Park very kid-friendly with lots of areas by the beach to play in the water. The swimming hole also features a very nice tube or air mattress ride in the summer when the water can be a lot safer.

Inner Tube to Rock Creek
A favourite trip that the locals seem to enjoy is to take an inner tube or other flotation device from the Kettle River Provincial Park to Rock Creek. Most of the people who do float tend to leave from the parking lot side (west beach) leaving the east side for the swimmers. You'll need two vehicles for the tube ride to Rock Creek as there is no organized transport service.

For those more adventurous, there is also a longer float starting from the bridge at Westbridge and tube downstream to the Kettle River Provincial Park. Just remember the river flows by agricultural land, so please respect the farmers' property.

Be Cautious When Swimming
Although the currents found in the Kettle River don't appear to be hazardous in the summer you'll still have to be very cautious. Please be aware when playing near the water that there can be dangerous currents in the river. Also remember there are no lifeguards here so you'll have to keep an eye on young children playing near the water.

Kettle River Provincial Park
The Kettle River Provincial Park also features a campground, so if you're not in a hurry and would like to stay all day enjoying the different swimming holes you can. The campground features 87 vehicle-accessible campsites which are quite large with plenty of open spaces available by the Ponderosa Pines growing in the area.

Trans-Canada Trail
The pedestrian and cycling bridge that does cross the Kettle River was once a railway bridge owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway in its Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) division. The bridge now helps complete this part of the Trans-Canada Trail that crosses lower British Columbia along the Kettle River.

Biking Trails
You can also cycle either way on the Kettle Valley Railway section of the Trans-Canada Trail or go along a single track bike trail that follows the Kettle River for around 2 km (1.3 miles). The trail that follows the river going north eventually joins back with the Trans-Canada Trail outside the park. Going this way takes you past some other more private swimming holes along the Kettle River.

Kettle Valley Railroad - KVR
When going north-west on the Trans-Canada Trail, it follows the old KVR route taking you to Westbridge then follows the West Kettle River to Beaverdell, McCulloch Lake, Chute Lake and Penticton. Then, if you travel east, the trail takes you on the old KVR route along the Kettle River past Rock Creek and eventually to Midway.

Travelling Lower British Columbia
If you are travelling across the lower portion of British Columbia using Hwy 3, the Kettle River Provincial Park is not much of a diversion coming from Rock Creek. You can also plan to visit the swimming hole if you travel on Hwy 33 from the Okanagan through Kelowna past the Big White Ski Resort.

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Beach on the West Side
Beach on the West Side


Kettle River Rail Bridge
Kettle River Rail Bridge


Deeper Pools on East Side
Deeper Pools on East Side


Tubing From West Side
Tubing From West Side Beach


East Side Beach
East Side Beach


Provincial Campground
Provincial Campground


Trans-Canada Trail - KVR
Trans-Canada Trail - KVR


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Private Pools & Camping Site

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