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Ladies Creek Recreation Site
Ladies Creek Recreation Site is located on the east side of Cariboo Lake approximately 34 km (21 miles) north of Likely on the historic Likely-Barkerville Back Road.

Travelling Here
To get here from Likely, travel on the Keithley Creek Road for about 23 km (14 miles) to the junction for either Keithley Creek-Yanks Peak or towards Barkerville and the 8400 Road. You then take the sign direction for Barkerville and travel for about 12 km (7.5 miles) first crossing a bridge over the Cariboo River, and then taking the 8400 Road and travelling up the east side of Cariboo Lake.

Campground Facilities
The non-fee recreation site features a small 6-site campground situated on the shores of Cariboo Lake. The user-maintained campground is fairly private with lots of room between campsites with most situated next to the lakefront and beach. There are two pit-toilets and a gravel boat launch suitable for hand launching most kayaks, car-tops, kayaks and small trailers. The road clearance into the recreation site is fairly good so most motorhomes can make it into the campsites and be able to turn around.

Cariboo Lake
Cariboo Lake offers fishing, boating and access to the lower part of the Cariboo River Provincial Park. The area around Cariboo Lake also features fairly good game opportunities providing good hunting in the fall season. Unfortunately, because of this, in certain times during the hunting season, Ladies Creek Recreation Site could be full with no campsites available.

Likely-Barkerville Back Road
For the more adventurous they can continue travelling on the Likely-Barkerville Back Road for another 114 km (71 miles) and arrive at Barkerville through the Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park and the Cariboo River Provincial Park. The gravel road, which most two-wheel drive cars can make, is only 6 km (4 miles) from Ghost Lake. There are two waterfalls, one accessible by vehicle on the Ghost Main FSR, the other by a short walk from the campground at Ghost Lake.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the provincial parks, recreation sites and the countryside around British Columbia, please remember this is Bear Country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe.

Logging Trucks
The Likely-Barkerville Road Back Road (8400 Road) at one time was only possible with a 4x4 vehicle but now, with improvements, it is a really good gravel road that most 2-wheel drive vehicles in proper operating condition can make. There are logging trucks and heavy equipment at any time of the year so caution must still be maintained at all times and the road could be muddy in wet conditions.


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Cariboo Lake
Cariboo Lake


Ladies Creek Campsite
Ladies Creek Campsite


Ladies Creek Boat Launch
Ladies Creek Boat Launch

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