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Grouse Grind
One of Vancouver's most famous hikes has to be the Grouse Grind and if you get a chance to hike it you won't be disappointed.

'Mother Nature's Stairmaster'
Advertised as 'Mother Nature's Stairmaster,' the Grouse Grind is one of those things you should do when you're visiting the Vancouver area and require a good cardio workout. The Grouse Grind is open from late spring to early fall, dependent on weather, snow conditions and trail upkeep.

District of North Vancouver
The start of the hike is located at the base of the Grouse Mountain Skyride in the District of North Vancouver. The overall length of the hike is 2.9 km (1.8 mile) long with an altitude gain of 853 metres (2,800 feet). This trail climbs up to the top of the Grouse Mountain Skyride at a very steep angle into the headwaters of Mackay Creek

Take plenty of water
If you plan to take the trail, please take the usual precautions of having good shoes or boots, pack lots of water and take your time as the route is quite steep. Also you might want to consider rain gear in case the weather changes and starts to pour.

Warning Signs
There are some warning signs along the way up letting you know at what point on the trail you are at if you find it too hard going. Plus, remember with the North Shore rains, some rocks could become loose and fall apart, so be cautious when walking on some of the stone stairways.

100,000 people
There are few downsides of the trail. If you like solitude, don't expect to find it here! According to the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC), the Grouse Grind has at least 100,000 people using the trail each year.

Straight Up
Also if you like trails with terrain change, reconsider taking this trail as it is quite vertical and, most of the time, you'll be staring at the next place to place your foot, especially through the gnarly sections.

Allow yourself two hours
It will all depend on what shape you're in but allow at least 1½ hours to complete the trail from the bottom to the top. The recommendations of Grouse Mountain Resort suggest that if you are a novice, allow yourself 2 hours.

Grouse Mountain Resort recommends that you use the Skyride to make the descent back to the base parking lot rather than hiking down. There is a nominal cost of five dollars to Grouse Mountain in order to ride the Skyride down.

Waterfall on Mackay Creek
While you're on the Grind there are some interesting things you'll want to see and check out. One is the Skyride tower about halfway up, another is the waterfall on Mackay Creek around the three-quarter way marker. Just remember, if you do explore be careful; people have died over the years by being unprepared.

Fastest times
For people who are competitive and enjoy a challenge, remember these statistics when doing the Grouse Grind. Sebastian Salas, age 22 of West Vancouver, set the new course record of 25:24 in September 2009.

BCMC Trail
If you want more exploring that goes to the top of Grouse, there is the BCMC Trail which starts at the same location as the Grouse Grind. Look for the signs to indicate the start of the BCMC Trail near the start of the Grind.

Baden Powell Trail
You can also access the section of the Baden Powell Trail which goes to Mosquito Creek. This makes a nice loop trail utilizing the BC Hydro Transmission line coming from Skyline Drive back to the Grouse Grind parking lot.

District of North Vancouver
Please check with the District of North Vancouver office at 355 West Queens Road and receive the up-to-date Trail Map for the Grouse Grind and other trailhead locations located in the area.

Information on Grouse Grind

Start of the Grouse Grind
Start of the Grouse Grind


Slippery Going
Rocky Stairway


Slippery Going
Gnarly Sections




Waterfall on Mackay Creek
Waterfall on Mackay Creek


Three quarters the way
Three quarters the way

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