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Morden Colliery
Located in South Wellington, a small community on the south side of Nanaimo, Morden Colliery Provincial Historic Park has been designated as a Class A heritage park since 1974.

Morden Road
To get there from Nanaimo, travel on Hwy 1 approximately 10 km (6 miles) south to the traffic lights at Morden Road. Once on Morden Road, drive about 1 km (.6 mile) to the entrance of the park.

Pacific Coal Company
The remaining structure at Morden Colliery Provincial Historic Park was built in 1913 by the Pacific Coal Company and is the last remaining head frame from over 80 years of coal mining on Vancouver Island.

Muddy Coal Mine
The only other remaining concrete structure of this type in North America is located in Saline County at the Muddy Coal Mine in Muddy, Illinois. This structure is protected by state law and serves as an example of American mining history from the mid-1900s.

Facilities at Park
At Morden Colliery Provincial Historic Park, you can find an information sign and the remains of the tipple, a concrete structure used to load the coal onto rail cars. The only other facility found here is a picnic area with no toilets or drinking water available. There is no provincial campground located here.

Friends of Morden Mine
Unfortunately, the concrete head frame at Morden Colliery has been ignored by a series of successive provincial governments and is in bad repair. The site has a chain linked fence around it for public safety because of falling structural debris. A non-profit society called the "Friends of the Morden Mine" has been putting on fund raisers and bringing more attention to this fine example of British Columbia mining heritage.

Nanaimo River
Besides the concrete tipple at Nanaimo Morden Colliery Provincial Historic Park, there is also a one-way nature trail that leads you to the Nanaimo River. The approximately 1 km (.6 mile) trail uses a historic railway right-of-way that once linked the Morden and Fiddick Mines to the coast at Boat Harbour. The Morden Colliery Trail is maintained by the Regional District of Nanaimo and takes you over Thatcher Creek by a couple of small wooden bridges through some wetlands to the banks of the Nanaimo River. There is no swimming or lifeguards here.

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Concrete Tipple at Morden  Colliery
Concrete Tipple and Head Frame


Concrete Tipple and Head Frame
Concrete Tipple and Head Frame


Concrete Tipple and Head Frame
Concrete Tipple and Head Frame


Morden CollieryTrail
Morden CollieryTrail


Nanaimo River
Nanaimo River


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