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Main Lake
Main Lake Provincial Park is located approximately 31 km (19 miles) east of Campbell River on Quadra Island.

Quadra Island
Main Lake Provincial Park is located towards the north side of Quadra Island about half-way up just west of Village Bay. The park is made up of six lakes called Stramberg, Clear, Little, Mine, Main and the upper half of Village Bay. Main Lake Provincial Park offers very little road or trail access with only a couple of points for entering by vehicle and offers no RV or vehicle-accessible camping.

Travelling Here
In order to get to Main Lake Provincial Park by vehicle, you have to take a BC Ferries regular schedule sailing from Campbell River to the terminal at Quathiaski Cove on Quadra Island. The ferry crossing usually takes around 10 minutes. Once on Quadra Island, you then travel north to Heriot Bay and then take Hyacinthe Bay Road to where it joins Village Bay Road. From here you then travel to the southern part of Village Bay Lake where a bridge crosses over a narrow section of the lake.

Diverse Freshwater Eco-System
Main Lake Provincial Park offers wilderness camping and hiking in an area with a very diverse freshwater eco-system. The six lakes provide a valuable need for the run-off and collection of freshwater and, through the storage support, a wide range of bid, animal and plant life including cougars, wolves, Bald eagles, hawks, osprey, owls, wintering swans and Peregrine falcons.

Village Bay Lake
There is a parking lot located here for people to have boat access to cabins located on Village Bay Lake outside of the park boundary. You can enter Village Bay Lake at this point by small boat and travel north into the park. Also located here is a trail that leads to a rock bluff area and probably Quadra Island's most popular local swimming hole. Just remember there are no lifeguards present here or in Main Lake Provincial Park.

Mine Lake
From the bridge if you continue an additional three km (two miles) on the gravel road, you'll come to Mine Lake and the parking lot for Main Lake Provincial Park. At Mine Lake you can also find a pit-toilet, an area for launching a canoe, kayak or car-top boat and an informational sign regarding Main Lake Provincial Park and the hazards found throughout the different lakes and the wilderness setting.

Boat Access
Once boating on Mine Lake, the rest of the park can only be accessed through narrow channels and shallow marshes that go into Main and Village Bay Lakes. There are also rough wilderness portages into the other lakes with some from off of Oren Bay Main FSR and Little Main Road. Powerboats are permitted in Main Lake Provincial Park but are required to have a 9.9 maximum horsepower rating. There is a non-maintained access trail situated from between Yeatman Bay in Okisollo Channel that goes into one of the wilderness campsites on Main Lake.

Wilderness Campgrounds
There is wilderness camping only at Main Lake Provincial Park at seven (7) different camping areas along Mine and Main Lakes. The majority of these campsites are located on the channel going into Main Lake with the rest on the north-east side of Main Lake and an island in Mine Lake. The campsites have areas for tents, campfire rings, pit-toilets and offer year- round camping. Drinking water needs to be filtered out and boiled and no-trace camping needs to be practised at all times.

Camp Homewood
There is a year-round Christian retreat centre called Camp Homewood situated on the north-east side of Main Lake just north of the road leading past the parking lot on Mine Lake. Here you can find a rustic lodge offering various programs with bunkhouse-type accommodation with swimming areas and floats situated near the lakeshore.

Wind Hazard
If you are boating, besides all the hazards associated with the wilderness experience, remember to be prepared for sudden winds that could come up on the various lakes in Main Lake Provincial Park. Also, during the year, the water levels fluctuate quite a bit allowing stumps and shoals to become hazardous for boats.

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Main Lake Provincial Park
Main Lake Provincial Park


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Village Bay Lake
Village Bay Lake


Village Bay Lake
Village Bay Lake


Boat Launch at Mine Lake
Boat Launch at Mine Lake


Mine Lake Parking Lot
Mine Lake Parking Lot

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